The Importance Of Developmental Development

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Chapter 1

Introduction “What do I want to be? What do I want to do?”. These are some questions that keeps on running through the mind of an adolescent individual who is about to take the biggest step in his life, deciding what course to take and later on what work will he have. It is believed that Adolescence is a pivotal stage wherein students set goals for themselves. Their choices are defined by the experiences and influences they have in their lives such as their parents, peers, role models, interests, strengths and weaknesses (Jr, McClain, Musch, & Reardon, 2013). During adolescence, students seek to know themselves better and look for help to discover their identity, and this includes their occupational
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Now that career interventions and plannings are being reviewed due to changes in our country's education system, this study will investigate its effectivity in affecting one's career decision making and maturity towards the world of work, especially now that it is also in transition with the K-12 curriculum.

Conceptual Framework
Counselors are considered social workers as they help and impart change in a person to become a better version of himself. In line with this, the study will be using Hare’s Person-in-Environment approach which is a central concept in social work worldwide (Hare, 2004). This approach sees the individual and his community as a dynamic, interactive system, in which every aspect influences and is influenced by the other (Hare, 2004). Moreover, this also sees interventions as a useful and continuous tool in helping an individual achieve social development that at first must start with himself.
With the help of this concept, the researchers aims to see the effectivitiy of such interventions in transforming an individual, especially towards his career
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There is a significant difference between those who did not and those who received career interventions.

Assumption of the Study
The assumptions are as follows:
Career interventions are helpful and essential to one's maturity towards their career.
Career interventions need to be enhanced and updated to be in accordance with the changing education system in our country.

Scope and Delimitation of the Study
This study will be focusing on young professionals, ages 20 to 25 years old, who works as a call center employee in a Business Processing Outsource company. The respondents will be coming from the different BPO companies located in Makati and Alabang.
The main gathering instrument will be a validated self-made survey questionnaire. Moreover, data gathered will be used to assess the effectiveness of career interventions the respondents have received.

Significance of the Study
Job mismatch is considered as one of the pressing problems an economy should address (Colina-IV, 2014) and with this, the researchers seeks to impart additional information that will be beneficial to the

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