Essay On Sacrifice For America

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America provides so much for people. In America, you have the freedom of speech, the freedom of religion, the freedom of press, the freedom of assembly, the freedom of petition, and so many more freedoms. But freedom comes at a cost. So many people sacrifice their lives so that everyone else can be free. It takes so much strength and so much courage to go into battle knowing that you may never return. Soldiers are some of the strongest people on this Earth. They fight for their country and they die for their country. Soldiers have to go through so much training and so much hard work to be able to fight. They have to watch as their friends are killed right in front of them. It takes so much strength to not just fight but to keep going. In 1939 …show more content…

Soldiers give up their lives for the sake of the citizens of their country. The soldiers who have lost their lives in battle are a true example of sacrifice. They train for war, knowing what is to come, but are so committed to their country that they don’t back down. They don’t give up even though they lose their lives. They don’t give up because they know that they are fighting for their country. If every soldier who was fighting gave up, what would our country be like today? Soldiers are honored because they stay where they are and fight for their country. They fight for what they believe in, they fight for what they believe is right. These people have made the choice in their lives to serve their country and honor their country because it truly means something to them. They made the choice to leave everything behind them, and fight for others so that they don’t have to. They made the choice to risk their lives so that their country could be saved. Again, freedom comes at the price of the lives of people. It is not free and has to be earned. It is earned by soldiers risking their lives for their country. It is earned by soldiers thinking about others before themselves. It is earned by honorable men and woman, who believe that we deserve freedom, and we should not have to die for our own freedom. They are paying the price of death so that

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