The Importance Of Homework

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The article How Much Homework are Students really Doing says, “It 's difficult to correlate time on homework with academic achievement because of the variables in why students may do more homework, said Loveless. For example, younger students who report lots of homework may have a learning problem that causes them to take longer to finish their work; a reading disability may escalate a simple 10-minute assignment into a 50-minute slog” (Downey). Not every student finishes their homework on time and as fast as other students do. Not everyone can learn just as stupdendously as others. Teachers who give out homework every day don 't realize how much it affects the students who are not as smart as other students. Teachers believe that most assignments would be easy, but as many kids work on their assignment it takes up to hours. The article How Much are Students really doing also says, “Reading disability may escalate a simple 10-minute assignment into a 50-minute slog. High school presents the opposite scenario. Because high school students choose most of their classes, the teens reporting hours of homework often are high achievers enrolled in Advanced Placement classes” (Downey). Students in high school choose classes based on the way they learn. If every school had the ability for students to choose classes that they feel comfortable in than homework would not be a struggle. On the positive side, homework helps kids get an understanding of being responsible. Also, if
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