Limitations Of Research Methodology

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3. Methodology

3.1 Introduction

The purpose of this chapter is to outline the methods used in the gathering of data to answer the dissertation question. Limitations of the method, a description of the research tools and why it is being undertaken will be discussed. Research can be defined as “a systematic and organised effort to investigate a problem that needs a solution and encompasses the process of inquiry, investigation, examination and experimentation” (Sekaran 1992, p.4). Methodology is required to answer the research question and fulfil the objectives of the study.

Social sciences are mostly associated with qualitative research as opposed to a quantitative approach. According to Bryman (2012), quantitative research focuses on measurement, …show more content…

All selected participants were adults, requiring no parental permission or supervision. The minimum age for drinking and gambling is eighteen and due to the sensitive nature of the topics, the participants were adults only. According to Bryman (2012), the facilitator or moderator is expected to guide the session but remain unobtrusive throughout the process. A semi structured setting was provided to allow for the participants to confront the issues presented before them without too much involvement from the moderator. Following lapses in conversation, the moderator prompted further discussion with questions. Consent forms were signed by all members of the group and can be viewed in the appendices section (see Appendix 1). All methods undertaken were approved by Ballyfermot College of Further Education and Dublin City University for the purpose of academic research prior to commencement of the …show more content…

Researcher driven recruitment strategies were implemented to recruit the participants in the form of text messages, phone calls and emails. Good organisation is always required for the focus group to run smoothly. Introductory questions, key questions and closing questions were prepared to prompt the discussion. The focus group was conducted in a neutral venue under agreement by all participants. Several rules were incorporated and the participants were thanked for agreeing to take part:

The length of the focus group is thirty minutes and the discussion will be recorded using a ‘Zoom Handy H1’ recording device.
A transcription of the recording will be made at a later date.
Identities of those participating will be kept anonymous.
The participants will be referred to as a letter (A-F) in the transcription.
A copy of the relevant points of discussion can be sent out to all members of the group if requested.
The recording will be deleted following transcription for anonymity

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