Military Motivation

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Essay Question 1: Discuss your motivation and decision to serve, in the military or otherwise. Explain how your unique life experience has influenced your life and your ambitions. What is the most important lesson you have learned? While on a patrol during my deployment to Djibouti, Africa, I saw a young teenage girl who was waving her hands in the air and signaling for something to drink. The little girl stood on the side of the dirt road while perching herself up on a rock in the 120-degree desert heat. Going against my senior’s advice, I threw her a Gatorade out of the gun turret. She was instantly stuck in the face and forced to the ground by an older boy who then stole the drink and immediately consumed it without remorse. As a result …show more content…

How will you incorporate your experiences into these goals? How will you make a positive impact?

Upon completion of my undergraduate studies and receiving my bachelors in biology from Ohio State University, I will shift focus to excelling in dental school. Pending that Ohio State accepts my application to dental school, I plan to earn a D.D.S. from Ohio State. My experiences volunteering at the VFW, Single Marine Program, and Vineyard Community Church have not only taught me how to better serve, but also the level of coordination and planning involved in volunteer organizations. The truth is, I cannot fulfill these goals by myself. I will need the support of other dental students, doctors, social workers, and most importantly my wife and child. I have no doubts that I will be able to achieve these set goals and execute my plan. Significant results are the product of in depth planning, dedication, and hard work. The first step in my plan is undergraduate graduation. Then, after completing four years of dental school, I will specialize in dental anesthesia. The more qualifications I attain, the better I can serve those in need. After completing school and residency, I will continue to volunteer at established dental clinics such as Vineyard Community Church and take note of both helpful and hurtful practices. After collecting data on clinical operations, designing a budget, and acquiring the necessary dental tools and operational management skills required to run a volunteer clinic, I will begin to run a dental clinic of my own. At the end of the day, supporting and serving those in need is something one can hang his or her hat on. The spirit of service is contagious. I plan to spread that spirit so that people who cannot physically help themselves have access to the resources and healthcare they need to make their lives

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