The Importance Of Social Media

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What is social media?
Social media are computer-mediated tools that allow people to create, share or exchange information, ideas and pictures and videos in virtual communities and networks. From status updates on Facebook, tweets on Twitter, viral videos on YouTube and lately pins on Pinterest, social media takes on many different forms, including social networking sites like Facebook, blogs and microblogs like Twitter and WordPress, content communities like YouTube and Flickr and so on.
Community formation where people can create, publish and share ideas in cyber space is the essence of social media. An important thing to state is that social media is a two-way street for communication, which is the opposite of traditional media where a message is delivered to the masses using a one-way approach, e.g. radio, television and newspaper. ‘Moreover, they are also those media which give you the possibility to communicate with more than one person at a time which includes social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, micro-blogging sites like Twitter and Tumblr, blogs, text or voice chat during multiplayer online games, and communication within virtual worlds’ . What is more, social media can be considered as a futuristic opportunity for enhanced communition, a huge sharing base and thousands of platforms and internet tools available for society. This easier way of interaction of the 21st century is convenient for internet users as it utilizes and frees them to exchange

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