The Importance Of WOM In Social Media

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The following case study is covering the importance of WOM in Social Media in example of the Resident 5 Kijuju Campaign. It proves that the different marketing strategies and tactics should be aligned with the company's mission and aims. The case demonstrates the significance of marketing tactic planning concerning the industry, company goals, and customers’ characteristics. The case study is dedicated to the Meteor Solutions’ tools that were used to measure the success of WOM. The case study questions how to measure the value and ROI of Social Media Marketing., and how can these figures be useful in the future campaigns designing.

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At that time franchise already got a huge amount of fans around the world. Every new episode of the game set a new record of sales. The Ayzenberg Company understood how powerful is a base of core fans can be. The gamers were seeking for anything new related to the game. “The objective of the campaign was to mobilize the core fan base by providing exclusive content and getting them to share that with other people to grow the franchise” (Webster, 2011). The gamers tend to interact with each other through the special blogs and online forums, bragging about their achievements, describing the strategies they use to win, advising and sharing experience on new games. They are highly engaged in spreading the information about the product, as well some gamers can be even addicted to the product. All these factors make them a perfect source of WOM campaign. “The Capcom's mission is to maintain a reputation for introducing cutting-edge technology and software to the video game market, by creating new and innovative games that push technical and creative limits. Entering new genre's, and targeting all types of demographics”. (Espaillat, 2013). Indeed, the Kijuju campaign was extremely creative. The company proved they are the industry leaders in innovations. Through the campaign, they demonstrated their focus on constant growth and development. The…show more content…
This is the style, which was used since the begging of marketing history. The name of the style “push” tells us itself that the main strategy was to push people to buy the product, through the direct interactions with them. The old marketing is always a one-way communication. The Kijuju Campaign used the push style only once, when they sent the emails to the gamers. Although, the emails could be simply ignored and deleted, the catchy messages guaranteed the fans’ attention. Nowadays, the outbound strategy is not considered to be effective anymore. The new technologies have given people a lot more choices than in the past, and have created "consumer democracy". Each person has the opportunity to choose from thousands of options of the desired product. It is important for the marketers to gain the customers’ trust and loyalty. The viral campaign of Capcom was successful because it added the value to the product, and entertained the gamers. The main point of Kijuju was not an immediate sale, but building the relationships with customers and engaging them in communication. To sum up, in this case the direct emails became a successful starting point of the massive creative
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