Zoos Are Pitiful Prisons

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Zoos are Pitiful Prisons
(Animals Should Not be kept in the Zoo)
I am an animal in the zoo. I am supposed to educate people, but I don’t really know how a harmless prisoner can educate people. I am stranded in a cage smaller than I am, with no room to run or to play. I stay in one spot all day while people walk pass shouting and flashing pictures. Don 't forget that I must keep a happy face on all the time. I don’t know where my family may be or how long will I be stranded in this prison.
God’s creatures, animals deserve to enjoy God’s earth just like humans do. In the zoo, animals stay locked away in captivity and in cages. Does anyone want to be locked away in a cage for the rest of their life? Zoos are for so called "entertainment" to the
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The cages were too small for the animals" (Silvia). Zoos do not provide adequate space for the animals in them. The animals are kept in small cages where each leg is chained to the side of the cage (as if they have room for that). The lions live in dark, gloomy, concrete boxes, looking through a small window with steel bars, walking around in tight circles with no room for mobility. The lion cages in the zoos are an exact replica of a prison cell. Unlike the zoos, the animals that live in the wild have huge, open living spaces, with no boundaries. The animals can run freely in circles, breathing fresh air. Along with the horrible living spaces for the animals, they are also mistreated by the zookeepers. "There were six to seven bears in concrete cubicles. Their fur was hanging off, they were begging for food, and an employee was tossing one bear cub around by the scruff of his neck" (Copeland). A Zookeepers job is to love and care for each and every animal in the zoo. That may seem simple enough, but allegations of abuse, illnesses and killings are reported in thousands of zoos around the world. For example: many animals, such as elephants, are one of the most peaceful creatures while their natural habitat. When elephants are kept in the zoo and abused they tend to act out, and now we know
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