The Misadventures Of Pinocchio

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Dvita Kapadia – 2015 Synthesis Essay
The Misadventures of Pinocchio
If Pinocchio had simply signed his name at the end of a pledge rather than had his nose grow each time he lied, his adventures would be stories of victorious deceit rather than moral learning. The Honor Code is an unnecessary pledge inflicted on students since it is ineffectual, promotes a hostile school environment and hinders students from further success.
As students, we have set standards: get good grades in every subject possible. In reality, this is highly tiresome and stressful; we must cope with our teachers, impress our parents, win over our peers and as the seasoning on top of the salad of stress, we must maintain a social life. To do all these things in the twelve hours we are given in the day renders us into a frenzied state blinded with the wall of stress. We blindly get through the day, take a couple of tests, cheat on the subjects we hate. Stress warps our sense of judgment and pushes us into doing things we’d never do if thinking clearly. Having an honor code in place does not reduce our stress levels and hence neither does it reduce cheating. As Dirmeyer writes, “(students) are skeptical that signing a piece of paper will suddenly cause a cheater to change his ways” (Source C) How must a cheater change its ways when he has three tests on the same day and he must not only pass them but he must get grades higher than every student in his class and impress his parents and impress his future
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