The Patriot Army In Dan's Time Enough For Drums

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Would one ever think that a 24 year old man ever join the army and become a general in the patriot army four years later.Well the person in the book Time Enough For Drums did and his name is Daniel. Dan in my book is an older brother to his sister named Jemima Emerson. Dan in my book is faithful, fearless, and busy. He has all of these adjectives in one book.Dan is also recruiting soldiers for the patriot army, one of them he recruits is named Raymond and he dies because of sickness. Daniel is also a student studying law to become a judge after his father dies to the British.Dan in my book is faithful, fearless, and busy. The first adjective Dan describes is faithful. Dan is faithful because in the book there is this …show more content…

Dan is fearless despite his whole family except for his parents and his sister are all torys. This is fearless because he could be fighting one of his family members in war and kill them. There is one part in the book when Dan goes to a Tory town where a lot of people hate patriots and Dan is recruiting people, his sister says “When you are out recruiting” (Ann Rinaldi 11) . This is fearless because he is recruiting people in enemy territory. The third adjective is going to be busy to describe Dan. the reason why Dan is busy is because in the book before the go to there church Dan and Jemima with John Reid and in there Dan gives Jemima there father's shop. Jemima is shocked because she can’t own property in this time period and so Jemima wonders why Dan can’t run it Dan says “ Lord knows I’ve no need for it ” (Ann Rinaldi 237). This shows he is busy because he says he is busy and can not take the shop. In conclusion Dan is one of the most important and fun character in the book Time Enough For Drums. Dan is also one of the most faithful, fearless, and busy people in the book. He is all of these adjectives in one little book called Time Enough For

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