How To Quit Smoking Essay

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Smoking is known to be one of those very few vises of human society that are quite easy to pick, but then again, equally difficult to get rid of or quit. However, as almost every single soul on the planet is quite aware of the side-effects and the threats that the vise poses, almost every other smoker dreams of quitting someday. This need to quit that every single person is aware of and works in the direction of, ensures there are quite as many ways to quit smoking available.
The only issue with this situation is the simple fact that the human body and brain become the worst enemies of the person trying hard to quit, and thus most of these ways do not work. The few that work and actually result in quitting require a lot of discipline and are quite equally painful.
One of the most commonly used ways of quitting that have
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Saves the human society from second hand smoke:
The other concern of the human society apart from the health hazards of smoking to the person smoking is health hazards of smoking to the people around him or secondhand smoking. E Cigarette does not emit smoke and thus, there is no second hand smoking.
E Cigarette Starter kit = Save money:
The other benefit of E Cigarette is the fact that they save you your hard earned money, if not immediately, definitely in the long run. The extra taxes by governments around the globe on tobacco or cigarettes have been making it quite difficult for the people across the planet to be able to afford cigarettes. And there doesn't seem to be any relief in the near future as well, and thus, buying e Cigarette Starter kit as opposed to a pack of cigarettes might be the best way to save you a few bucks in the long

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