The Pestle Analysis Of Apple Inc.

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Apple Inc. is a company that operates in several different countries. The company provides smartphones, smartwatches and earpieces for consumers. Their main target group is teenagers and adults. They manufacture a wide range of products from the popular iPhone to the iMacs and to the apple watches. The company is well known worldwide; Apple is known for their latest technologies. Steve job discovered apple in 1967 and opened his first outlet in London. Few years down the road Steve Jobs released the first ever iPhone in 2007, the iPhone were sold out in minutes. Recently apple just released iPhone 7 and 7plus.Most apple fans from today are waiting for the latest updates on the upcoming products.

The purpose of pestle analysis to peruse and observe external marketing environment factors that may have an impact on an organization it is usually used by marketers. The components of pestle analysis are Political, Environmental, Social, Technology, Economic and Legal. Many marketers use this method to find threats and opportunities in swot analysis.

Meaning of political is political issues in a country, problems that will affect company and business by government. A company only knows how much they can produce goods and know how much profit they will earn if they make changes. These factors may be insignificant to us, but the factors contribute the profitability of the surviving company. Apple is so successful because of the increase of trade policies in developing countries.

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