Tim Hortons: A Short Story

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An aroma of Tim Hortons flew my way as I opened the cardboard box filled with delightful sweets. I gazed at a set of 12 Boston cream perfectly glazed donuts with rich creamy chocolate. All covered so evenly that it was astonishingly satisfying. Each donut was the same size, and was covered perfectly. Coated from every edge of the sweet ring-shaped fried cake. I picked up one of them to feel a warm but kind of rough, freshly baked decadent donut in my hands.

Crunch! I bite into it to reveal a whole different layer of surprise on the inside. A moist and soft golden brown bread with chocolate glaze just melting in my mouth. My tastebuds instantly started tingling and dancing. I forgot about everything around me. I closed my eyes and pictured myself sitting at some cafe in Paris drinking some hot chocolate and munching on my donut. I analyze every little ingredient put into the donut. Chocolate was mainly in charge. You could also taste hints of vanilla essence but then you taste the best part. The vanilla custard filling. It is the star of this scrumptious dessert. So light yet so good that you just want to eat a whole big bowl of it with the biggest spoon you have. It isn 't that sweet but that 's how you really taste the vanilla. It just bursts with vanilla flavour in your mouth. Also, the chocolate helps balance it all out so u have the perfect flavour. Not too sweet and not too bland. …show more content…

All of its pleasant ingredients came together so perfectly to reveal something so simple yet so stupendously amazing. I think that chocolate and vanilla are one of the best combinations. They just instantly come together to elevate such a simple dessert into something so delicious that you can 't describe it. Leaves you with no words in your mouth. Wanting more and

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