Organizational Behavior: A Case Study

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For leaders to run the organization effectively it needs guidance on the management process (Leveriza, 2007). These processes includes (1) Planning which is a function of management that involves setting objectives and determining a course of action for achieving those objectives (Carpenter, 2010); (2) Leading is influencing behavior towards the achievement of organizational objectives it also includes of directing and influencing the task-related activities of group members of an entire organization; (3) Organizing is a process by which the manager brings order out of chaos, eliminates conflicts between people over work or responsibility, and establishes an environment of teamwork; (4) Controlling is the measurement of accomplishments against…show more content…
This kind of leadership assists a group of people to move from one stage of development to a higher one and in doing so to address and fulfil better human need. By being actively engaged in an organization he/she leads, the leader becomes not only a head of a group, but a moral change agent. Transformational leaders then are change agent who initiate and implement new direction within organizations. This theory is similar to charismatic theory that leaders should have confidence that they do their duties and responsibilities to provide the needs and gives the best interest of their members and help them to enhance their skills and potentials. In addition, this theory it also describes the leaders in accomplishing their tasks to develop and implement important activities for the success of the organization. Thus, effective leadership of the SBO is manifested in how they implement their programs, projects and activities with them the power to coordinate and encourage their members to effect change in the school. Likewise, the study is also based on Contingency approach theory, that orient leaders or officers toward efficiency and maintenance of the organizational status quo. This idea assumes that leaders do what is good for the organization. Like selected goals,…show more content…
Because it is in the best interest of both parties to succeed, the leader serves to increase mutual benefits and promote moral, ethical, and good leadership. Further, servant leadership theory coincides with that of the implemented activities of the SBO. The elected student leaders in every school are obliged and expected to perform and carry out their implemented activities to the fullest as they can afford to proving that they are the highest organization among all recognized school accredited clubs to be worthy of their
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