Trustworthiness Case Study

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2.4.2 Trustworthiness
Trustworthiness is the first dimension of endorser credibility (McCracken, 1989). Erdogan (1999) define trustworthiness as a consumer’s perception of the honesty, integrity and believability of an endorser. Companies try to find endorsers who are widely seen as trustful and who are seen as honest, believable and dependable (Shimp, 1997). In other words, if the communicator was perceived as highly trustworthy, the opinionated message could be considered as more persuasive and effective in producing attitude change (Miller & Baseheart, 1969). It is very important for marketers to analyse the endorser because it will influence the consumers purchase intention. Marketers can create the purchase desire by taking liking and
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Attractiveness of the celebrity endorser could be affected by ones thought, beliefs, attitudes and the society (Temple, 2009). Attractiveness is something that could appeal the interest of someone. It is not only limited to the size of body but included all of the physical attributes that someone attach to. For example, length of hair, hair colour, facial features and physical look. Additionally, personality, likeability, similarity of endorser would also affect the perception of attractiveness from the consumers. Many researchers suggested that attractiveness is the first judgement that made by individuals to another. It is true because beauty will made a better first impression towards celebrity endorser and brand image. Attractive endorsers tend to be more effective in product promotion and attract consumer’s attention. Therefore, they were often featured in the mass media and print media.
When consumers see something that they like and consider attractive in the endorser, the influence will occurs through identification. Identification occurs when ‘individuals conform to the attitude or behaviour advocated by another person because these individuals derive satisfaction from the belief that they are like that person” (Friedman & Friedman,
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