Ultrasound Technician Essay

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Does an ultrasound technician earn much? How many days of vacation do they get? Is it worth being an ultrasound technician? After comparing South Texas College, Pima Medical Institute, and Eastern International College based on my criteria of distance from home, tuition costs, and medical programs, Pima Medical Institute would be the best choice in helping me pursue a career in Ultrasound Technician. Have you ever thought about what is required to be an ultrasound technician? The answer is dedication in the courses required and effort in hard work. An ultrasound technician opens opportunities to help people out in their future. “The field of ultrasound has many different specialties: cardiac, OB/GYN, ophthalmic, vascular, breast, and more. Ultrasound technologists can also process to supervisory and management roles, such as senior technologists, department supervisor, clinical instructor, or program director. An ultrasound technician also relies on sound waves to produce images of international organs, soft tissue, and blood vessels” (Inner Body). “Diagnostic …show more content…

It is good choice in my future career. Pima Medical Institute and South Texas College are very outstanding schools because of the programs and equipments they have, but Pima Medical Institute convinces me more and interests me. Both Pima Medical Institute and South Texas College are in Texas, but i prefer Pima Medical Institute which is located in Houston because i want to be able to meet new people and see different things. After living in McAllen almost my whole life I want to experience new things, and well South Texas College is close to my home and I know I can always come back. In Pima Medical Institute their Average Grant Aid Amount is $4,264 and in South Texas College their Average Wages is $22 within 45 hours. Overall, this profession can be difficult and provide many challenges for 2-4 years at the end hard work pays

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