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Under Armor origins date back to 1995, when Kevin Plan, founder and CEO of the company was a football player. As a player, he hated changing his sweaty cotton clothes again and again in the practices he had at the University of Maryland, so he came up with an idea of creating clothes, to used under the football gear that wouldn 't need to be changed so often. After years of research, Plank finally came up with a shirt that would keep athletes cool, dry and light while practices at the hardest conditions. The name for his company was Under Armor and the name he gave to this technology was HeatGear.
He started small, selling in his car and manufacturing on his grandmother 's basement; by 1996 he had his first big sale, for more than $17,000.
Later on, in 1997 the company came up with a new technology called ColdGear. a fabric that would keep athletes hot, and …show more content…

The company kept growing entering the 2000’s, moving to bigger headquarters and launching its first TV campaign in 2003 revolutionizing the way sports clothing company advertise their products, bringing a more “passion to life” theme to the industry.
In 2003 Under Armor launched UA Women (its women’s line) and the year later the company started selling products for boys, girls and outdoor athletes. By 2005 Under Armor had signed a contract with the University of Maryland to provide their gear to the football team.
On November of that year, the company went public doubling its initial public offer on the first day of transactions.
In 2006 the company launched their sports footwear Campaign, gaining a big share in the market after just a few months. Four years later UA opened its first stores outside the US in Amsterdam, and ending the year with $1 billion in annual revenue.
On the following years, the company made agreements with successful athletes from all over Europe, USA, Canada and Latin America in a diverse variety of sports to promote its brand. Nowadays the company has a close to $2 Billion in

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