Using Social Norms Using Sociological Norm

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Using sociological norms, I carried out an experiment in a park with the aim of finding out how many people would look for the owner of a dropped item. In order to carry out my experiment, I needed some materials. I took my best novel, some snacks and left for the nearby park. Once in the park, my design for the experiment was to go and disrupt people having their own fun. I focused on families and people who were busy playing games. I moved to a couple of people who seemed to be enjoying their time and making noise and then I could seat near them and all of a sudden shout on them to keep quiet and pretend to be reading my novel. After sometime, I could pretend to be bored and move from the group leaving the bag with the snacks deliberately behind. I could move to another group and repeat the same thing. My idea was to ensure that these people felt uncomfortable with me because there are no restrictions about playing in the park. Besides, there are benches where people who want to read can go and read which I did not want to use. I wanted to create that attention and make sure that those people saw me leave something behind which was successful. …show more content…

Some even asked me to go to the benches and read from there and stop disturbing them. When I left my parcel behind, many never bothered to stop me and just went on with their fun. Three people as I looked wanted to look at what was in the bag. One lady came to me running and informed me I had left my bag behind. I thanked her and went on with my experiment. Many people just ignored me and did not show any concern about the parcel. Some people noticed that it was me who had dropped it and just went on with their business. Some few were fixed between stopping me and collecting the

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