Examples Of Utopia In The Giver

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Utopia can be a place be imagined as a dreamscape where everything is perfect. Jonas, a boy who lives in a counterfeit utopia, heads out to discover the truth about his community. Jonas lives in a community where everyone is expected to be the same; therefore, they wear the same bland white clothing. The community is strictly controlled by rules. In this essay I will discuss about a novel called The Giver.My first point is about how The Giver and how their beliefs compare to our world. My next point will be on how Jonas's community connects with many communities in the past and present to our world. The final statement I will make is how Nazi Germany and The committee of Elders worldviews compare.Jonas proves a true utopia is not possible.Rules are broken when Jonas thought he needed …show more content…

The Giver's Daughter and Gabriel.Who all become the Receiver (at one point) which was an honorable position.That made them a hegemony because they were treated with advantages over other commoners such as seeing color and feeling different experiences.Those pale eyes held power in The Giver.In the Nazi holocaust, blue-eyed people were special and were treated like royalty with better living conditions and were allowed to live a ‘blissful’ life.They were also treated with an advantage and it was to kill anyone who did not possess blue-eyes.That no doubt made them superior to others.One perspective could be that the Giver was killing people because he or she could see what was happening in the community (inhumane releasing) and did nothing to stop it which indirectly hurt the society.A true utopian society can never be forged because unfair

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