Veterans Mismanagement Analysis

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According to Thomas Allen Coburn, a senator, and medical doctor, reports that “Over the past decade, more than 1,000 veterans may have died as a result of VA malfeasance.” (Devine) That is a worriment, and the problem lies within management and lack of liability. CNN reported that clerks and administrators had made “secret waiting lists” to camouflage the long waiting times on the VA’s wait-list system.(Issitt) The Office of Inspector General reported “a systemic lack of integrity within some Veterans Health Administration facilities.”(Issitt) The scandal caused the deaths of the people that the program was there to protect. The mismanagement was not only in the waiting lists but also with the money. Four VA construction projects in Las Vegas, Orlando, Denver, and New Orleans an extra cost of $1.5 billion because poor scheduling and unnecessary luxuries. (Devine) The lack of leadership for a program that is dependent of people living and dying is disgusting and needs to be fixed. The VA states its goal “… to provide excellence in patient care, veterans’ benefits, and customer satisfaction.”(Ford) The VA wants to provide excellent care to their patients, …show more content…

Veterans with PTSD find is difficult to trust and managing their negative feelings. (Williams, 338) Bradly Dunham said that in the case of Brady Oberg, he had tried therapy. Veterans often have therapy to deal with the past and present. The difficulty is the trust aspect of veterans with PTSD, they often find trusting very hard. Brady did not relate to the therapist one bit, and he wanted to talk to someone who has seen what he has seen. Brady wanted someone to relate to and able to share what was going on in his mind. According to Mr. Dunham, the VA did not really care a whole lot. They kind of pushed his case aside and preceded to the next. That needs to be addressed and because it is heart wrenching to see the numbers and to see the deaths because of the fatal

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