Virtual Learning Environment

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CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS’ BACKGROUND Introduction In recent studies, it has been acknowledged that the Internet has changed the direction, time, and location of learning (Moore, 1993; Nachmias et al., 1999).The growth of various technologies had rapidly increased and many changes/ phenomena occur in the development of new tools and materials in the virtual world. In the late 1990’s educational associations had witnessed the emergence of the software products labeled Virtual Learning Environment which aims to provide support for teaching and learning activity. Technology integration has long been a key area of concern in education, the intersection of technology with our rapidly transforming educational…show more content…
They tackled that virtual learning environment is a designed information space which is not restricted to distance education; it is a social space which integrates multiple tools where the space is explicitly represented and it also overlaps physical environment where the students are not only active users, but also actors. Also, there studies stated that this innovative learning environment can enhance enjoyment and engagement of learning which enable users to pay attention for a long time without feeling bored. In addition, Virtual Learning Environment provides an integrated set of Internet tools, which enable easy upload of materials and offer a consistent look and feel that can be customized by the user. In their studies, the commonly perceived advantages of Virtual Learning Environment are easy to access on and off campus for learning materials and resources. It also offers flexible support for educators who do not need to be in a fixed time or place to support and communicate with students and has the potential for new ways of learning and teaching such as active and independent learning which make use of online communication, online assessment and collaborative
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