Western World History: Steve Jobs Returns To Apple

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Leon William Carlson
Ms. Bassett
Western World History Grade 9 Core 8
22 February 2017

Steve Jobs Returns to Apple - Research In the 1980’s, Jobs was seen as uncontrollable by many of his coworkers. He would make ideas in his head, and would make them a reality, not caring about what anyone thought. Even John Sculley, who was CEO of Apple back then, could not handle him. Sculley often compared Jobs to a relentless zealot. The “Apple II” division, which Sculley controlled, and the “Macintosh” division, which Jobs controlled, worked as if they were two different companies. Sculley wanted to make a open-architecture computer - computers that can be added on, upgraded, or changed easily - for education, small businesses, and home markets. On the other hand, Jobs wanted to make a closed architecture computer - computers that can only have …show more content…

They were afraid that they would not have a job when they came out. There were only a few examples of that happening, but it was enough to terrorize the whole company. He cancelled multiple projects, such as Newton, Cyberdog, and OpenDoc. Instead, NeXT’s technology was integrated into Apple products, such as NeXTSTEP, which eventually became the Mac OS X. Through these changes, and other changes within the company guided by Jobs, the company increased sales significantly. The iMac was invented, which began the “i” product series. In the year 2000, Apple announced that Jobs would become the permanent CEO. Jobs jokingly said that he would be using the title “iCEO”. Some time later, the iPod was invented, along with the iTunes store, which revolutionized the music industry. Then, on June 29, 2007, Apple announced the iPhone, entering the cellular phone business. Just like the iPod revolutionized the music industry, the iPhone revolutionized the phone industry. Quickly, he was recognized as one of Apple’s most valuable

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