What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tesco

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1.0. Introduction
This paper is about to demonstrate the CSR practice in the company. The company selected for this current study is Tesco. The paper will illustrate the corporate social responsibility practices in the company which will include the definitions of CSR as well as the importance of different aspects of CSR. Moreover, the paper will demonstrate the model related to CSR to the company which will identify the CSR techniques employed by the organisation. This will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of employing corporate social responsibility. This paper will also provide the recommendations for better and further use of CSR models in the organisation.

2.0. Overview of the company
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It is identified that Tesco online has showed importance in earning profit but that doesn’t go for the unethical means which means to sell it illicit products. According to Karim, Suh, Carter and Zhang (2015), it is identified that the company sell legal products and avoid selling alcohol and tobacco online. This means company is surely very ethical in maintaining its business and avoid unnecessary products so that children would not get affected by them. It is examined that the company is focusing on its business very carefully with a separate social responsibility report every year. Considering the level, the company maintained its online store by providing natural and authentic resources to the clubs and schools. This means that the company follow right path and points put its ethical behaviour. In accordance of Kinderman (2012), Tesco has many initiatives associated to corporate social responsibility that have led the company to increase its profit which is an agreement with Freemans stakeholder Model. In understanding of Geppert, Williams, Wortmann, Czarzasty, Kagnicioglu, Kohler and Uckan (2014), the culture of organisation perspective is seen as integral to the accomplishment of the association as opposed to elements, for example, governmental issues, erection or method. As a result, the fixation has moved from the nationwide philosophies and …show more content…

According to Fleming (2012), the company is increasing its long term business prospects which may aid its customers to gain social and economic goal. It is identified that the company has looked up its competitive benefit and examine its philanthropy efforts by the most effective way. According to Geppert et.al (2014), this means company is socially responsible and associated to environmental practice which can also lead to a strong customer and sales loyalty. This may enhance the productivity and quality of the company’s product which retain and attract its workers in order to reduce the regulatory

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