Virgin Group Organisational Objectives

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Virgin Group is a world leading investment group which is founded by Richard Branson. It engages in businesses of financial services, travel, leisure, health and wellness, mobile telephones, music, holidays and entertainment. Although its headquarters is located in London, United Kingdom but the businesses are operated internationally in over 50 countries. (Virgin, 2015) Thus, the role of managers is vital as they need to guide subordinates towards accomplishing goals to ensure the sustainable operation of Virgin. Planning, organizing, leading and controlling are the four functions of management which is used to describe managers’ jobs and how they should perform their roles.
Planning requires setting goals, establishing strategies and developing …show more content…

These functions has provided a guideline to classify the activities of managers to establish organizational objectives. Therefore, the main reason Virgin Group success as one of the world’s well-known brands is it fully performs the four management functions. There are many skills and knowledge can be learned from the management team of Virgin Group.

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