What Are The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Tesco

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Tesco was published 1919. The first branch was in London, UK in 1929. Recently, Tesco is the one of the biggest retailer in the world. This company has employed more than 500,000 staff in 14 countries and operated more than 6,000 warehouse. Though still essentially UK-based, it has diversified geographically and into widely-separated market sectors such as books, clothing, telecom, electronics, furniture, petrol software and Internet services. 'Tesco is an aggressive company benefiting from Internet technologies, as indeed are its main UK rivals. Tesco has built its fortune on two business elements: an unrelenting drive to provide value to customers, Internet and mobile phone shopping, and supply chain management (probably a private industrial…show more content…
"It is a scope for evaluating strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The strengths and weaknesses are an internal audit of the organization. The opportunities and threats relate to environmental factors that need to be taken account of in planning strategic actions. Opportunities represent environmental factors that can be beneficially exploited, while threats need to be considered because of their potential to damage the organization. (Johnson et al. 1989 as cited Lee, J al et. 2007)".
"The merit of SWOT as the leading tool for strategic analysis lies in its simplicity and clarity: scrutiny of internal strengths and weaknesses is followed by analysis of external opportunities and threats, enabling the company’s management to seek markets. Business opportunities create value and identify potential events that threaten its value or position. The objective of the strengths analysis is to leverage the organization 's core competences and maximize their value-creation potential. The problem with SWOT is that it lacks a set of application tools. (Coman. A, Ronen.B , 2009)". So, It stands for internal aspects (strength and weakness) and external aspects (opportunity and
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A, 2011).
Tesco is doing transaction in many countries in the world. As a result, its behavior might be affected due to local procedures or governmental laws. All employment laws which have been posted by government have to be followed exactly to preclude legal issues. Different kind of jobs are available to employ for different status of people like non-degree , such as low-paid or highly flexible. Tesco put up with all legislation and other roles punctually in each country where Tesco has warehouses. (Articles-World, 2012).

• Legal
Factors which have impact on internal operation of organizations in terms of products demanding and costs for instance, employments ' laws and customer laws (Pandey. A, 2011).
The government laws affect to Tesco performance. For example standard price of food. That means organizations have to get an authority first to change their prices. many companies attempt to re-change prices to save its position. Tesco raised some food prices where as other food prices decreased to implement pricing legislation. (Articles-World,

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