Whole Foods Core Values

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The goal of every company is to have a clear and concise definition of its core values, such core values need to be what guides the company, what sets the company apart. Effective core values connect employees to company’s ultimate purpose and help employees understand how their work impacts the business. This paper will focus on the core values of Whole Foods Markets and the evaluation of their job structures. Whole Foods Market has identified its core values and has instilled into the company, whole food is a company that not only cares for the well-being of its customers, but it also cares for its employees and their work environment. As the company says “Our success is dependent upon the collective energy, intelligence, and contribution…show more content…
(2011) in order to achieve organizational goals and objectives, Whole Foods Market needs to coordinated and managed individual work needs as to specifics organizational structures therefore, after reviewing the jobs listed about, it has been determined two different job structures: managerial group and store support group.
Managerial group: this group structure includes Customer Service End Supervisor, Regional Manager Team Leader, Prepared Foods Department Team Leader and Prepared Foods Supervisor.
Store support group: this structure includes Prepared Foods Associate, Customer Service Associate and Dishwasher.
Job Evaluation techniques: The technique used was the ranking method, this technique is used to determine a position’s worth to the company although, every position is critical to success of Whole Foods Market, the ranking method is used for this case study in order to classify all the different jobs Whole Foods Market offers and in their website, these jobs are classified in order, ranging from the highest positions to the entry level
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Whole foods have different departments in their stores, each of these departments can be grouped according to their distinct job requirements. “These factors play a pivotal role in the point plan. These factors reflect how work adds value to the organization.” Milkovich, G., Newman, J., & Gerhart, B. (2011). Whole foods is a company that focuses on its employees and the working environment they provide for the employees, but as large organization, they need the job ranking system in order to determine the salary each employee will receive depending on their specific skills they bring to the company. Whole Foods acknowledge that each employee is unique and important and that is the reason why they provide employees with trainings to promote them to a higher level position with the skills they have
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