Why Am I Attending College Essay

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Special circumstances that affect your family’s ability to fund your college expenses.

My parents have been in the habit of knowing how expensive college is with an older family member attending Texas Tech University and the understanding that in the long run he will end up with student loans. My goal is to leave with as minimum student debt from college as possible, with that say, I have had the privilege of attending a high school program that conjoins with a community college allowing me to graduate high school with my associate’s degree with no cost. If the employments economic downturn should result in layoffs for my parents, I would like to have no fear in attending college and being capable of paying tuition along with expenses. …show more content…

In a way, the human body does so many incredible things all in one millisecond without the average person even recognizing it. I’ve been encouraged to look at other options in majors such as engineering or education, but in some way or another I allows end up back at pre-med and or biology. I see myself developing in a strong character since I’ve been challenged from a young age to achieve what I want. I may not be valedictorian or even salutatorian but I have a determination to accomplish what I need even if it takes longer than usual. I tend to be diligent and meticulous to every detail by having a fierce willpower to make my education happen in pre-med and or …show more content…

And it’s true because without your education how far can society expand and achieve what we have today. Therefore, I plan in going further in my field of pre-med to pursue a career in the health care industry by attending medical school. This takes a lot of dedication and diligent work from myself and with this a long run of education almost adding up to ten years with training. To fully know the steps of becoming a doctor and the money put forth to get you close is very complex as it precocious at a young age to even consider wanting to help others in such a high intensity

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