Why Do Food Banks-A Disgrace, Or A Miracle?

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Have you ever donated food or cash to a food bank? What if all of those goods that you could have used for your family, had been left to rot? And the money, most kept for themselves? Food Banks- a disgrace, or an miracle? Kansas, 2014. A woman that works for a food bank in Kansas discovered that they’d basically been selling rotten, and expired goods when she decided to check the expiration date on a jar of baby food, only to discover that it was FIVE years old. Disgusted, she took the jar, and the box that it came out of and went to go dump it in the dumpster. Upon letting the last of it fall out into the dumpster, there was RODENT POOP sticking to the bottom of the box. Disgusting! At another low budget food bank, all of

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