Why I Want To Teach Special Education

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Ever since I could remember, I have always dreamed of becoming a teacher. When I was little I would pretend I was the teacher and my friends were my students. For the longest time I wanted to get my degree in elementary education and become a second grade teacher. I loved working with younger children and second grade was my favorite year in school. However, in high school, I changed my mind. I started working with the special education students for part of my day at school. I would help the students with their homework or I would sit in class with them. After a short period of time I fell in love. I knew I wanted to change my major and begin teaching students who have special needs. Another reason that made me want to teach special education is because my brother is autistic. Growing up with a sibling who has autism is very eye opening. I have learned a lot about autistic children over the years that will hopefully someday help me in my future career.
Once I figured out my major, I decided I wanted to attend Illinois State University. I am a person who strives for the best in everything and I knew that Illinois State University has one of the best teaching programs. I had the privilege of speaking with past graduates …show more content…

Like I said before, I always strive for the best. I am the student who is constantly asking questions and studying outside of class. I have always been very hard on myself with getting good grades. I enjoy learning and becoming more knowledgeable with every class I take. I always seem to go the extra mile and accomplish any challenge thrown my way. On the other hand, my academic weakness is that I am a perfectionist. Some would say that being a perfectionist is a strength, but I believe in my case it is a weakness. I am conscious with my school work and worry if there is anything wrong. Being a perfectionist leads me to accept nothing but the best on my school

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