Why Is Bilingualism Important In Canada

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What is bilingualism? Bilingualism is the ability to speak or write fluently in two languages. (“Bilingualism”) Canada has been used two official languages since 1969 which are English and French. Those two language have equal status and equal rights to services at the same level which are given by the government of Canada. (Baluja and Bradshaw) According to the 2011 census, based on responses, 57 per-cent said participants feel it is important for Canadians to speak both official languages. The entire country opinion poll also illustrated that 53 per-cent of the respondents said they are bilingual, with other 20 per-cent describing themselves as “possible” in French. Moreover, 84 per-cent of Canadians believe that speaking French and English offers a better chance of finding a high-salary job. (qtd. in Baluja and Bradshaw). It is true the rate of bilingualism in population of Canada decreased slightly for the first time since 1961, in the last decade, from 17.7 per-cent in 2001 to 17.5 per-cent in 2011. Nevertheless, that the number of bilingual people in Canada has never stopped growing. (Statistics Canada 2) Although some people think that bilingualism is not relevant in Canada, others believe that bilingualism should and will remain official in Canada. …show more content…

According to Canadian Parents for French, another 1.5 million are taking core courses, (Dion 3) The majority of parents believe that learning both of Canada’s official languages would be on asset for their children so the parents camp outside for enrollment of French immersion programs without hesitation. (Dion

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