Why Zoos Are Ethical

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Introduction An issue that is hotly debated is whether zoos are ethical. Some people think that zoos should not exist, but research shows that zoos are ethical. Zoos give people an opportunity to observe animals that they would not usually see(“Zoo facts and worksheets”). Zoos are proven to be good for many reasons. Zoos are ethical because they provide their animals with a good life, they can save animals, and they are a good place to visit to. First Body Paragraph To begin with, the first reason of why zoos are ethical is because they give the animals a good life. The first piece of how zoos give their animals a good life is they treat them good. According to an article, A good zoo provides their animals with an enriched habitat in which the animals are never bored. They also are very cared for and have plenty of of space for the animal to live in(Lin). This means that zoos are treating their …show more content…

For example, animals in zoos have less space than animals in the wild. 18,000 wild cats have less space in zoos than in the wild(Marino). This means that lots of wild cats are suffering from loss of space in zoos. Another example of why animals are better off in the wild is because most animals in zoos suffer with problems. It says that most animals suffer with stress, boredom and confinement(Lin). This means that animals in zoos are living with problems. However, there is also evidence that supports animals can be better off in zoos. “Good zoos go to every possible length to ensure the animals in their care have a full and high quality life. A large part of this includes creating situations where animals feel pleasure, happiness and contentment as well as mental stimulation”(“Five Facts About Good Zoos”). This shows that animals can still live a good life even if they are not in the

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