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  • Entertainment In Brunei Essay

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    audio, physical activity, usage of products or gadgets, a destination or an attraction, an event and et cetera. Brunei has provided many entertainment facilities for its population however, there is a diversity of entertainment needs for each individual of the population and not all of them are fully met (Travel Dojo n.d.). This essay will explain the issues of entertainment in Brunei, view the positive and negative feedbacks from both tourists and locals and to discuss

  • Brunei

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    Brunei , officially the Nation of Brunei, the Abode of Peace , is a sovereign state located on the north coast of the island of Borneo, in Southeast Asia. In addition to its coastline with the South China Sea, the country is completely surrounded by the state of Sarawak, Malaysia. It is divided into two parts by the Sarawak district of Limbang. Brunei is the only sovereign state completely on the island of Borneo; the rest of the island's territory is divided between the nations of Malaysia and

  • Critical Analysis Of Walt Whitman's Song To Myself

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    In Walt Whitman's poem Song to Myself, he stresses the importance of people, but more specifically himself. This of one of egocentric poems in human history as he begins with "I celebrate myself" (1:1). In some form or another, Whitman elaborates on Me, Myself, and I in all fifty-two sections of the poem. He mentions that "Welcome is every organ and attribute of me, and of any man hearty and clean, / Not an inch is vile, and none shall be less familiar/ than the rest" (5:20-23). But as he is enjoying

  • Persuasive Essay: The Dangers Of Cigarette Smoking

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    Cigarette smoking is a standout amongst the most hazardous way of life propensities. Smoking causes 84% of death from the lung tumor. Cigarettes contain around 600 fixings. When they blaze, they create more than 7000 chemicals. A number of those chemicals are noxious and no less than 69 of them can bring about growth. Cancer is presumably one of the greatest attentiveness toward cigarette smokers and their friends and family. Be that as it may, it is in no way, shape or form the main condition that

  • Swot Analysis Of Palm Oil Industry

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    Since the palm oil industry is moving to a sustainable development, the organizations in it are adopting significant change to achieve this objective. For example, in their raw material process, the palm oil industry in Malaysia is now shifting towards selective breeding in order to support this change. When adopting selective breeding, palm oil production would be positively affected since those organizations would save their resources apportioned to pesticides and insecticides since those trees

  • Artistika Corporate Giveaways Case Study

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    INTRODUCTION The Philippine business environment undoubtedly is characterized as having a boom and bust cycle. It has not been able to take off as compared to its neighboring countries. According to Evangelista (2013), in the Philippines, entrepreneurship is viewed as important to empowering the poor, enhancing production, and as an impetus to innovation. The 1987 Philippine Constitution recognizes entrepreneurship as an engine of economic growth. Article XII Section 1 highlights the role

  • Chinese Culture In Ghana

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    Chinese Culture from a Ghanaian Perspective: Comparison of Chinese and Ghanaian Festivals. Abstract In this 21st century where many cultures have been washed away or watered-down through civilization, westernization and modernization, China is one of the few nations whose culture has withstood the test of changing-times. Chinese culture is one of the oldest cultures in the world and includes conspicuous elements such music, martial arts, cuisine, literature and festivals. Ghana, on the other hand

  • Importance Of Life In Harmony

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    Harmony is a tuning of our lives to those around us and the natural world that sustains our wellbeing. We listen and watch so that we can move in time with that Great Dance in which we all have a small part. To live in harmony requires that we be conscious of the hopes and needs that surround us and flexible in our own course of action. In a harmonious relationship each party at times sets aside his or her own desires to nurture the relationship itself. We can be in harmony with others only when

  • Nationalism In Brunei

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    context of Brunei, especially in formulating the state concept, Malay Islamic Monarchy (in Malay, Melayu Islam Beraja, MIB), nationalism only applies to one man, that is Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin. Through the reinforcement of MIB in Brunei, he successfully regained the sovereignty of the monarch and the country from the British, though he had to face several challenges. This essay will look at the history of Brunei from the signing of the Anglo-British Treaty of 1905-1906 until 1984 when Brunei gained

  • Brunei Culture

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    examines the impact of social media that has caused changes in the matter of language, communication and culture on Brunei society. With regards to language, the impact is on the use of words in educational and business institution. Meanwhile for communication, it leads to the lack of interaction between a group of people and the influence of the western culture also gives an impacts on Brunei culture. (2) These impact may be of concern due to the mixing of different languages such as Malay and English

  • Unemployment In Brunei

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    Brunei has one of the highest rates of unemployment in the Asian region with about 11,546 people according to data shown in May 2014 by the Department of Economic Planning and Development (JPKE) courtesy of Borneo Bulletin (2015). As Brunei lacked both skilled and non-skilled workers, the countries has to depend largely on hiring foreign labour to execute the jobs that locals are not qualified to do. However, there are many concerns resulting from the high dependency of imported labour as it made

  • Health In Brunei Essay

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    (2011) assessed that in Brunei, one third of young people are classified under obese and overweight. Unnoticeably, however palpable in the local Ministry of Health, MOH data in 2008 that the leading cause of death particularly from heart cardiovascular diseases (Yap, 2014). According to Brunei Times, BT (2014) in the news emphasized non-communicable diseases such as obesity is one of the most Brunei health’s major concern. Recently, there is a rising awareness of health in Brunei after the publication

  • Essay On Tourism In Brunei

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    country to travel to. Entertainment may come in unique various forms in Brunei. Brunei is a sultanate with a population with slightly over 400,000 that makes use of their strong sense of culture and heritage with some notable attractions. However, it has restrictions and limitations in terms of divertissement due to the Sharia Law. Brunei, the kingdom of unexpected treasures offers a variety of distinct

  • Kohberg's 6 Stages Of Moral Development Essay

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    Kohlberg’s 6 Stages of Moral Development Level 1 - Pre-conventional morality (Ages 9 and below) At the pre-conventional level, moral code is shaped by the standards of adults and the consequences of following or breaking their rules. People behave according to socially acceptable norms because they are told to do so by some authority figure. The pre-conventional level is common in elementary children, although adults can also exhibit this level of reasoning. We judge the morality of an action by

  • Brunei Theory

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    According to Pg. Hj Mohammad (1992) there were three theories which produce by historians about the conversion of Brunei to Islam. The first theory claims that Brunei was converted to Islam after the fall of Malacca to Portuguese in 1511 which was in the 16th century and the second theory claims that Brunei was converted to Islam soon after the establishment of Malacca Islamic Government in the early 15th century while the third theory claims that the conversion happened right before the establishment

  • Food Culture In Brunei

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    globalization also, exposure to different kinds of cuisine, advertisement and social situations involving food, countries, including Brunei, are experiencing a change

  • Forestry Objectives In Brunei

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    Brunei Darussalam’s tropical forests are managed optimally, sustainably and sound’s ecologically. Brunei’s tropical forests are divided into five categories: a) Protected forest - For critical watersheds and ecological preserves. b) Conservation forest - For natural habitats, wildlife sanctuaries and education especially for scientific researches. c) Recreational forest - For outdoor recreational activities such as hiking and jungle trekking. d) National park - For ecological and education such

  • Short Essay About Tourism In Cambodia

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    Location & geographical features: Cambodia borders with Thailand and Laos in the North and Vietnam in the South-East. It has a short coastline by the Gulf of Thailand. Most of the region consists of a large plain with Tonle Sap lake in the middle of it in the Western part and river Mekong basin in the Eastern part. The river flows down the country into Vietnam where it reaches its end in South China Sea. A huge part of the area is covered by tropical forests which is why the amount of cultivated

  • Assignment: Brunei Darussalam

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    DISCUSSION Brunei Darussalam has only 1 grinding cement plan which is located in Muara. The plant is mainly owned by Butra Heidelberg company. Unfortunately, Brunei doesn’t produce their own raw material, hence Butra has to brought cement raw material from other country Such as clinker from japan and gypsum from Thailand. The imported material and the transportation cost can affect the cement price. 8.1 Hardware stores As states in table x under section x, Hardware stores in Brunei sells their cement

  • Essay On Transportation In Brunei

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    By plane The only airport in Brunei is the Brunei International Airport (BWN), the hub of Royal Brunei Airlines (RBA). The airport itself is small but clean and functional. After an excessive expansion and high losses in the 1990s, the RBA reduced its services considerably, but still offered a decent network with daily flights to London, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Kota Kinabalu as well as four weekly non-stop flights to Kuching. Prices for transit through Brunei are attractive and you are