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  • Graves Disease Research Paper

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    When you think of an autoimmune disease, you may think of something more common; such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, type 1 diabetes, or much more. Graves’ disease though; is an immune system disorder that results in the overproduction of thyroid hormones, also known as hyperthyroidism. (“mayo clinic”) Several other disorders may result in hyperthyroidism, but this is a very common cause. Graves disease can affect anyone, but is more common in women that are over the age of 40. Thyroid hormones

  • Graves Disease Case Study

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    INTRODUCTION Graves’ disease is an autoimmune disorder affecting the thyroid gland. It is the most common cause of hyperthyroidism. Thyroid’s secretion of thyroid hormones [Triiodothyronine(T3) and Thyroxine(T4)] is regulated by thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), which is released by the pituitary gland. These hormones regulate the body’s metabolic rate, heart function, brain development, bone maintenance and etc. In Graves’ disease, the immune system creates autoantibodies that mimic the function

  • Graves Disease Case Studies

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    Pathophysiology ANAT1066 Case study assessment Case study (b) INTRODUCTION Base on the clinical and laboratory data provided, the patient is suffering from Graves’ disease, a cause of hyperthyroidism which is a type of thyrotoxicosis. Clinical manifestation of Graves’ disease (GD) includes diffuse thyroid enlargement, palpitation and hyperthyroidism (Fukishima et al 2009). Other symptoms are ophthalmophathy which result in exopthalmos (bulging of the eye), and dermopathy

  • Write An Essay On Graves Disease

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    Graves' disease only affects about 2-3% of the population (“About Graves’ Disease”). It's a very rare disease that is not taken as seriously as it should be by people. Graves' disease is an autoimmune thyroid disease. This disorder results in the overproduction of the thyroid hormone which is called hyperthyroidism. Graves' disease is an uncommon disease, but is usually found throughout women under the age of 40. I was diagnosed with Graves' disease about a year ago, but I have had it for my whole

  • Case Study Graves Disease

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    Tom has multiple health issues such as Hyperthyroidism caused by Graves disease, anaemia, depressed pituitary hormones and with a gastroscopy it has been discovered that he has a large benign gastric ulcer which gastritis and bleeding. Upon presentation he has suffered weight loss which has lead to Tom to be in an anorexic state, nausea, severe hypertension, confusion and depression. It is known that hyperthyroidism produces hormones that control the human body’s metabolic processes. This includes

  • Hashimoto Informative Speech

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    immune disease, let alone one that affects your day to day functioning. II. Now, as an adult, I’ve decided to research a little farther into the mysteries of my disease. III. Today I want to inform the class of Hashimoto’s disease as an autoimmune disease,

  • Sarah The Sunflower Seed Short Story

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    Sarah the Sunflower Seed   1 “Who’s that looking up at me? The farmer’s daughter is who I see.”   2 Far below Sarah Sunflower Seed, a little girl looks up smiling. She had planted the bed of sunflowers months ago with seeds her grandmother had given her. She had watered and weeded them all summer long and was delighted that she now had a row of very tall flowers to be proud of.   3 “What is flying by my face? A purple finch that glides with grace"   4 Sarah Sunflower Seed was one of hundreds

  • The Namesake Jhumpa Lahiri Essay

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    Nothing reminds you of how far you are from home more than giving birth to a child in a foreign, distant land. As Jhumpa Lahiri describes in her novel, The Namesake, being a foreigner is like a life-long pregnancy, a perpetual wait, a constant burden, an ongoing responsibility, and a continuous feeling out of sorts. Throughout the novel, Lahiri accounts the story of a couple moving from India to America, as well as, the complex process of raising kids in an unknown country, without family, without

  • The Role Of Mummies In Ancient Egypt

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    RELIGON IN ANCIENT EGYPT Ancient Egypt was a wonderful mysterious place. Hidden tombs, hidden jewelry, hidden golds and hidden secrets were all involved in ancient Egypt. They had very interesting believes. They have very interesting religious holidays. They believed that entering the afterlife was a very hard process. They had different gods which all represent something, and they all had different responsibilities. According to there were about

  • Similarities Between Emily Dickinson And Walt Whitman

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    Both poets are very similar to each other in a way that both of them lived in the nineteenth century. "The two giants of 19th-century American poetry who played the greatest role in redefining modern verse are Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson (Burt)". Both Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman are considered as the founders of today’s modern American poetry, whose they put the keystone, and which was further developed by other poets over the years. The poetry has been redefined. The modern poetry becomes

  • Antigone And Kreon Character Analysis

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    In Sophocles’ play Antigone, both Antigone and Kreon are admirable characters throughout the play, but both for different reasons. Both of their actions made them admirable characters. Antigone believed that her brother, Polyneices, should be honored by having a burial and a proper tomb. Whereas Kreon believed the complete opposite, he didn’t want a burial or a tomb for his son and in a sense didn’t believe that he deserved one. However, they have similarities in the sense that Kreon ultimately came

  • William Penn: Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier

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    Tomb of the Unknown Soldier ○ Historical facts of the building William Penn had a plan 19th century city had tree’s, walks etc... Was Built 1957 1682 blueprint drawn A mass graveyard in 1709-1793 It’s stopped functioning as a graveyard plow wound man in tomb ○ Historical information about what happened there SouthEast renamed for George Washington 1825 For yellow fever deaths The last barracks for dead soldiers 1954 planning started from Washington Square Planning committee In the 19th century

  • Summary Of Frank Peretti's Tombs Of Anak

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    Summary: Tombs of Anak is a third / first person Book written by Frank Peretti. It is about a man named Dr. cooper and his two children discovering an ancient tomb. They are in south east asia looking for clues and evidence about an old worship monument. Meanwhile they find a large hole in the ground that wasn 't there before. Jerry, a scientist and a tag along decided he would venture into the chasm. After lowering him down they hear screaming and the line holding Jerry is cut. After the

  • Disease And Death At Dr. Dickson's Mounds

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    In the article Disease and Death at Dr. Dickson’s Mounds, Alan H. Goodman and George J. Armelagos discuss the power of burial grounds. 200 of 3,000 estimated burials were uncovered and identified by a team of (University of Chicago) archeologists, all of which were identified as a number of settlement sites in a 100-square-mile area (in west-central Illinois). The mounds had gone somewhat unnoticed since the mid nineteenth century. It wasn’t until after, chiropractor, Don Dickson, started to take

  • Goiter Research Paper

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    Erika Oregon & Christian Torres Mr. Bagdasarian 28 November 2015 Biology 121 Research Paper Goiter The disease we were assigned is the condition that results in a Goiter. A goiter can be defined as the swelling of the neck caused by an enlargement of the Thyroid gland. This condition is quite overt as the swelling is obviously visible at the base of the neck. Goiter may occur in different types, therefore having different causes to their development. The Thyroid gland utilizes iodide by using

  • Psychoanalytic Analysis Of The Raven

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    Let’s start by looking at the protagonist of the poem who illustrates a lot of psychoanalytical issues in his ordeal with the raven. From the start of the poem to the end, the reader can recognize and identify many defenses. Some of them include selective memory, selective deception, selective perception, denial and displacement especially towards the end. The most significant issue presented in the poem is the fear of being abandoned. Let me delve deeper into the subject. The poem presents a sad

  • Thyroid Hormone Lab Report

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    INTRODUCTION The thyroid is Greek word for “shield shaped” from the shape of the nearby tracheal cartilage. The thyroid gland was named “glandulae thyroidaeae” by Wharton in 1656.[1] The thyroid gland is the source of two fundamentally different types of hormones, produced by thyroid follicles, idothyronine hormone thyroxine (T4) and 3, 5, 3’- triidotyronine (T3). Fig 1.1:- Conversion of T4 to T3 and Reverse T3. 1.1 Regulation of thyroid hormones in human body Thyroid hormones (T3 & T4) are essential

  • Roy Adaptation Model

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    Hypothyroidism is one of the most common endocrine disorders and frequently encountered by family nurse practitioners. Hypothyroidism is defined as failure of the thyroid gland to produce sufficient thyroid hormone to meet the metabolic demands of the body (Al‐jaghbeer, 2012). Untreated hypothyroidism can contribute to hypertension, dyslipidemia, infertility, cognitive impairment, and neuromuscular dysfunction (Gaitonde, 2012). Data derived from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

  • Hypothyroidism Research Paper

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    ABSTRACT Introduction: The aim of the study is to find the antioxidant status in hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism otherwise known as under active thyroid. It takes place when the thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormone for the body need. It is the most common thyroid disorder. It occurs mostly in women and increase with age Material and Methods: 40 subjects were divided into two groups of normal healthy individual ( 20 in numbers ) as Group I and hypothyroidism patients ( 20 in numbers)

  • Essay On Thyroid Hormones

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    Meet your thyroid The thyroid gland controls how hard other parts of your body work by producing hormones (chemical messengers) that increase the energy burnt off by almost every tissue and organ.⁶ Hormones produced by the thyroid ensure that your heart pumps properly, that you can breathe and move, and that your liver and kidneys get rid of toxic waste. Thyroid hormones are essential for reproduction and to make sure your baby is healthy. Thyroid hormones help keep you looking well and attrac-