Essay About Living In The 17th Century

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Midterm 1). Of all of the time periods we have studied thus far in the semester, I would have preferred to live in the 17th century Europe. I chose the 17th century because the 17th century was host to some of the greatest minds in history. I would have loved to live in that time period in order to see the great works of astronomy and physics that define modern science. In the 17th century, the two most notable influential people to me would be Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton. Galileo Galilei talents lay in astronomy, through which he determined that heavenly bodies were not made of pure light, in fact: “He came to believe that the heavenly bodies might be of the same substance as earth, masses of matter moving in space” (Lecture Notes, Nadelhaft). Through his observations on planetary movement, Galileo was not only able to discover that celestial bodies were made out of matter, but was able to prove that the Earth was not the center of the universe and discovered mathematical laws that …show more content…

A History of World Societies states: “The English ports of London, Bristol, and particularly Liverpool dominated the British slave trade.The cities also had huge…growing shipping industries, and large amounts of ready cash for investment abroad”(World Societies, 610). The Transatlantic slave trade had a huge economy, with ports brimming with slaves, and merchants ready to invest or venture out on more slave raids. The Transatlantic slave trade is similar to the twenty-first century slave trade in the way that, both have huge economies making hundreds of millions of dollars. Slavery may be illegal in modern times, but there are no economic sanctions put in place to prevent human trafficking. In both times, past and present, no efforts were/are being made to fight slavery economically, rather, the main fighting is left to the

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