A Rhetorical Analysis Of Cadillac's Commercial

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Purpose Cadillac’s commercial ‘Poolside’ aired during the Olympics, a traditionally heightened time for American pride was intended to influence hardworking up-and-coming Americans, to buy their car. As most Americans sit down to watch the Olympics, they’re rooting for the home team. American viewers want to witness fellow Americans “go for the Gold”. Moreover, they have already watched dozens of “Personal Segments” about athletes who have worked exceptionally hard, made extraordinary sacrifices, and are now poised to succeed. The message: if you work hard, you can achieve success, parallel to the Olympians. Therefore, they deserve their gold medal and you deserve your Cadillac. In the commercial, Cadillac is striving to sell a lifestyle …show more content…

At first glance Neal 's preppy clothes, a house only a 7 figure salary could afford, exotic landscapes, and the stereotypical wealthy, middle-aged, white American lead to the first assumption, and miscommunication, that they’re selling it to the wealthy. But upon taking a closer observation, the wife is dressed in business attire, indicating she works in the corporate world as well. Both of them work to achieve what they have. And his children are busy working on homework, getting ready to journey into the real world on their own two feet, matching their parents. Two income household seeking to live out the American Dream to their fullest. Deciphering the ad further, the audience becomes more apparent; the Poolside family is not from old money, but instead their modern house has a flashy, just-getting-used-to money look with diverse textures on the walls, high ceilings, massive windows, pure white walls , geometrically sound rooms and an odd looking DNA centerpiece on the coffee table. Their walled off modern home backs up the evidence proving they are part the nouveau riche, and not afraid to be proud of it. Incidentally, Cadillac leaves the occupation of McDonungh open for discussion; they even have him mention famous enterprises in science, business, arts, and sports. The ad, Poolside, is clearly targeting Americans willing to work rigorously to secure

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