Academic Integrity: Academic Dishonesty In College

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Academic Integrity
“Cheating in colleges and universities is perhaps the least openly discussed crisis in higher education”(Keith). Academic Integrity is taken very serious in college, therefore, cheating in colleges should be discussed. The definition of academic integrity is, “ holding oneself to the highest ethical standard in all academic pursuits – doing all individual work alone, relying on one’s own knowledge during assessments, engaging truthfully with others, following all university policies and procedures, and encouraging this behavior in fellow students”(Handbook). There are several different types of cheating, these range from performance concerns, unfair professors, to external pressures, etc. (Reasons). There are many reasons …show more content…

Other outcomes that affect the college include, a permanently tarnished institution reputation if cheating incidents are publicised (Keith). As for the student, outcomes of academic dishonesty include, knowledge needed to be known for their degree is not acquired, as well as cheating becoming known as an acceptable habit. Honest students who only witness academic dishonesty are also affected. Effects of honest students include disenchantment about higher education and disadvantages caused by the inflation of dishonest students scores (Keith). The issue of academic dishonesty becoming a habit if it is successful resonates with me. In my opinion, cheating does in fact become an acceptable ubiquitous habit if academic dishonesty is not addressed. In conclusion, one lifelong benefit of practicing academic integrity is making habit of being honest and trustworthy in all situations through one’s life. A personal vision of mine is that one day all students will uphold academic integrity and no additional pressure will be placed on students to cheat. My advice to being a morally upright college student is to never waste time getting distracted by things that will not help you in the future. Also, always make time for your school work and study

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