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The consumers in this generation are very busy with shopping. As the years go by, we tend to change how we do certain things; the way we shop to be more specific. In a time before the 21st century pretty much of all of our shopping was done in the store. As time has went by it’s clear to see that in store is almost primitive this day and age. Especially when there is almost a website for anything a consumer may be looking for. With that being said Amazon is a website that substantially separates itself from the others. Providing its users with a safe, reliable, and rewarding system to shop online. Not only does Amazon give the consumer more personal satisfaction it also, gives a more stable financial satisfaction in some cases. In Unboxing …show more content…

There always trying to make themselves more appealing to many consumers. Not to say that physical stores don’t do the same but they don’t keep up in the race. Amazon itself created what in some forms is a new form of shopping. Well maybe not a new for but a way to make online shopping even easier without being online necessarily. Wayne Rash acknowledges the device known as the Amazon Echo changes the whole concept of online shopping. In his article Amazon to Get More Competition as Walmart, Google Link Up he tells simply speaking to the Amazon Echo you can place orders for anything you can find on amazon ,and not even be on your laptop or smartphone. Now how can a physical store keep up with something like that? It all goes back to the great saying “if you can’t beat them join em”. Rash also included in his works that Google and Walmart are on a team up just to beat Amazon.The effort will start with linking Walmart into Google Express, which is an online shopping service currently linking Google and several brick and mortar stores, ranging from Costco and PetSmart to Ace Hardware and Adorama. The new agreement will add Walmart to the mix and allow voice ordering from Walmart using Google 's Home device. Even though that is a major move that does change the game. Now Walmart is apart of the online business and the physical …show more content…

For those of you that didn’t know Amazon purchased Whole Food Markets quite some time ago and ever since then many of those items can be obtained using Amazon.com, AmazonFresh, Prime Pantry and Prime Now. The one place most in-store shoppers think they would succeed is also in the hands of Amazon. Bringing great deals and delivery in this category as well. So just about anything you can get from the store Amazon pretty much has a way for you to get it from them. Maybe that’s why they call it the everything store and you can’t find everything in most stores. Truly in my opinion the only downside from using Amazon is time. Then again I wouldn’t mind losing a little time to save a bunch of

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