Rhetorical Analysis On Alexa

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Everyone's favorite online shopping site, Amazon just aired a new commercial advertising their line of Alexa devices. This commercial was strategically designed to appeal to all audiences and persuade them to purchase an Alexa device. This advertisement uses many different rhetorical devices to appeal to an audience. These are pathos, logos, ethos, personification, repetition, colors, clarity and framing. An important part of this commercial was the use of well known celebrities to attract certain people. By using these rhetorical elements, Amazon is able to make their product seem like an essential part of every household, while keeping their audience laughing. Amazon uses these rhetorical devices to persuade their audience into buying an …show more content…

In the commercial, an interactive, hands free smart home device named Alexa loses her voice and is unable to communicate with the devices user. Amazon decides to have celebrities fill in for her while she gets her voice back. Pathos is used in this situation to appeal the audience’s emotion though humor by having well known famous people take over Alexa’s big job. Ethos is also used to achieve credibility. Amazon did this by using celebrities such as Gordon Ramsey, Rebel Wilson, Cardi B and Anthony Hopkins. By using these people, the audience says to themselves “if they use Alexa, I should use Alexa too”. All these celebrities are very different and can appeal to many kinds of audiences young and old and also those with different interests such as movies, music or cooking. In the end of the commercial Alexa says “thanks guys but I'll take it from here” this hints that Alexa can do more and is more important than well known celebrities. These words were meant to display the immense capabilities that Alexa has and persuade the audience that she can do better than their favorite stars. This, paired with the simultaneous background song at the end of the ad “Nobody Does It Better” by Carly Simon helps to drive this point home further that Alexa is as good as it gets. Logos is used by showing the practical reasons to buy an Alexa. In the commercial these …show more content…

The color scheme of the ad was rather on the neutral side to highlight the well known Amazon glowing blue color around the ring of the Alexa's as well as on the Amazon headsets the celebrities were wearing. Every scene that featured a celebrity acting as Alexa had the Alexa headset facing the camera, lit up in the Amazon blue color. By doing this, the audience gets a sense that when they are talking to their Alexa, it is just as if you’re talking to a real person. Another visual rhetorical effect would be the framing used in the ad. Every scene had a close up of the Alexa device being used. This helped to show all the different kinds of Alexa devices that one could

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