Advantages And Uses Of Multimedia Technology

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A) Multimedia technologies-are those machines and systems used to create and transmit messages. Multimedia technology refers to interactive computer elements that deliver messages. Multimedia technology typically include-Text -Video’s -Sound -Animation
b) Multimedia technology is used in the classroom to enhance learning and to use a learner’s memory. It helps student’s to visualize difficult concepts or make them understand easily by using multimedia.
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It provides opportunities to the student to try new things based on what is taught in class. It decreases classroom management isssues.It become easy to all learners to have an access to learning. It makes a teacher to be a facilitator on class rather than being that old teacher with chalk and talk method. To use multimedia in the classroom helps teachers engage student’s and provide them with valuable learning opportunities. It improves reflective thinking whereby it gives a student an opportunity to suitable learning resources according to their learning. Therefore the interaction of multimedia technology the student familiarize him/herself with language structure and academic vocabulary. The student’s enjoy using computers and other media that helps them to do their schoolwork whereby they can stay after classes to finish their work. To use multimedia provides the student an opportunity to look for information through media that encourages the student’s imaginations and…show more content…
A) Web 2.0 teaching tools-are an internet tools that allow the teacher to go beyond, just receiving information through the internet, the teacher expected to interact and create content with learners. It has the offers opportunity to provide customized learning environments where students create their own knowledge, rather than passively receive information from the teacher, interact and collaborate with learners who have similar interests globally, and obtain opportunities to learn to become professionals in communities of practice.
b) They can be used by teachers to transform their work and more specifically to support the students in the classroom. By teaching curriculum content through internet, create/edit video and so much more. They can be used to enhance teaching and collaboration among teachers and students as well as increase professional collaboration between educators and student. By adding interactivity to language teaching and learning environment and materials used in these environments. To encourage and enable teachers and learners to share ideas and collaborate in innovative
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