Teacher Observation

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Introduction The process of becoming a Teacher is not an easy one, during this last then months I have experienced a lot of different situations inside and outside the classroom that have helped me understand the challenge that being a Teacher is, but I have also experienced how rewarding it can be, during this essay I will discuss my experiences and observations from my teachers during my last teaching practices.
What makes a good teacher?
A good teacher is someone who is responsible, organized, punctual, respectful and always prepared, he or she knows the importance of lesson planning and knowing as much as you can of the topic that you are going to present but at the same time is ready to change something that may not be working as expected
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If we show love and passion for what we do students will see the commitment we have for their learning process and will enjoy their experience in the classroom.
Summary of observers During my practices I have been told by my observers what are the positive and negative things I do while I am in the classroom. According to my observers I have to work on the way that I give instructions using concept check, modeling or a different approach in order for students to understand completely the purpose of the activity. I also have to elicit from students any questions their classmates may have and give feedback to inform students about their performance. On the positive side I give students equal opportunities to participate, encourage pair and group work, I always have a good attitude during the whole class and I motivate my students so they can finish all of their activities and task within the
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There are several resources that EFL teachers can rely on: blackboard, chalk, and textbook are the basics. Depending on the context and type of language center or school, there may be several more.” This is why one of the teacher’s best friends is creativity, we always have to be prepared to work with the minimum resources available, we have to be able to adapt different materials to suit our needs in the classroom, magazines for example, can be quite helpful and easy to find. From a magazine we can find several pictures that can help us teach uncountable topics such as food, clothing, colors, adjectives, hobbies, etc.
Professional development I intend on keep teaching English for a long time, right now I have a job where I get to teach kids and it’s one of the most rewarding things that I have ever done, watching them accomplish their goals and learning new things it’s the best reward that I could ever get in my job. In a future I would like to try and teach a different age group such as high school or university students. In a couple of years I also intend to study another degree, this time something related to teaching.
This 10 months have been a real challenge for me, the process of becoming a teacher has not been easy and I think I am only halfway through it, there is always room for improvement and I believe that learning new things constantly and trying different techniques is what makes us the best version

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