Review Of Amid Kale And Quinoa, Pop-Tarts Keep Hanging

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The article “Amid Kale and Quinoa, Pop-Tarts Keep Hanging On,” written by Sarah Nassauer displays Pop-Tarts’ ability to remain successful in a constantly changing business environment. In recent years healthy food products have experienced an increase in sales. Unhealthy foods have in turn experienced a decrease in sales however Pop-Tarts are an exception to this trend. In Nassauer’s article she explores the reasons for Pop-Tarts continued success.
Pop-Tarts have been on grocery shelves and in people’s pantries for many years. They are a very popular breakfast food but they are also very unhealthy. Nassauer explains Pop-Tarts’ unhealthiness by writing “Pop-Tarts are made with filling that is 10% fruit” (Nassauer, 2014, p.4). Nassauer continues by exploring the reason for Pop-Tarts success despite their ingredients. One of the biggest reasons for their success, is the idea that Pop-Tarts are easy to eat on the go. According to the article people are spending less time making and eating breakfast. As a result, many teens enjoy the easiness of preparing and eating Pop-Tarts for breakfast. Kellogg has had summer concert series to try to appeal to more teenagers, at these concerts across the country they promote their Pop-Tarts. …show more content…

According to Nassauer, Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts marketing campaign that features stick figures originates from children’s drawings (Nassauer, 2014, p.3). Pop-Tarts used to market to children under twelve but longer do because of “self-imposed regulation on marketing unhealthy food” (Nassauer, 2014, p.4). Their target audience adjustment shows how Pop-Tarts have adjusted to the legal business environment. Pop-Tarts has also had to change some of the wording they use on the boxes in order to comply with the Children’s Advertising Review Unit. If Pop-Tarts had not changed with the legal business environment they could have lost sales or been shut

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