Analysis Of The Essay 'Video Games' By Steven Johnson

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Many of those who criticize videogames do this by comparing them to books. This comparison is seen as injurious and incorrect to author Steven Johnson. He believes the two are separate from each other and should not be looked at as one in the same. In his essay “Games” he outlines and argues that reading and gaming are different from each other, that both should be valued in their own way, and that books are crafted for and are better at expressing knowledge and opinion. A book and a video game are more unalike than many are willing to believe; they are both completely different mediums. Johnson argues “games are good at novelistic storytelling the way Michael Jordan was good at playing baseball.” Video games can tell stories, but are not the same. Video games show images and miniature movies, while books lead the reader …show more content…

“The very fact that I am presenting this argument to you in the form of book and not a television drama or video game should make it clear that I believe printed word remains the most powerful vehicle for conveying complicated information,” is part of the evidence Johnson uses to substantiate his argument. Throughout his essay, he goes back and says ,after statements that well-support videogames, that books are better. He states that he may be biased because he is an author, but that he is right. He so strongly backs this argument, that it is seen in the majority of the paper. Steven Johnson, “no doubt about it”, sees books as the superior. Video games may resemble books in a small portion, but not to a great enough extent and books are better are the elements encased in “Games”. Steven Johnson does a wonderful job in his essay and proves his points quite well. His essay provides information towards his argument and makes it strong. In the paper, it is easily seen what he was trying to get

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