Anthony's Dilemma Case Study Cnarothy

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CNA Dorothy is a valuable asset to your facility she was willing to help at every turn without an attitude or frown on her face. Your CNAs or over worked and under staff, most RN’s refuse to help with patient care such as baths, feedings and patient waste(BM). One CNA should not be required to feed, bath, turn and clean patients alone without any assistance. (Especially ventilation patients this a job for two people.) I personal have witnessed several RN’s sit behind the desk when a patient is in need of assistance, they allow the medication and feeding alarms to sound 5-20 minutes. Before giving any attention to the alarms or patients.
Areas of improvement:
• Patient treatment and policies of such treatment.
• Staff should not need …show more content…

• There should be more horizontal and vertical communication or debriefing between nursing staff.
There seems to be some conflicting responsibilities/duties between staff concerning the same patient.
• During new hire orientation there should be some type of culture diversity training for every staff member.
• Also a mandatory yearly update of such training. Some staff members present themselves has being very cold, uncaring and uninterested in the patients care or the families’ questions. Case Managers and Nursing staff need addition training in dealing with grieving and emotional family members. All staff members should be accountable for their actions or lack of actions dealing with patients and patient families. Case Managers should not assume that patients are indigent and treat the family as such. All patients and family members deserve respect and compassion during a difficult time. So not to sound totally negative, your facility has some of the friendliest, courtesies housekeeping department. In the hallways are when one of them enter the room they were always polite and respectful to the patient and family members. Wonderful people in your housekeeping

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