Apple Explanation About The Iphones Issue Essay

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Apple Explanation About Their iPhones Issue

Apple is one of the largest technology companies in the world. MacBook, iPhones, iPad, and
Apple watch are some of Apple products, and a lot of people have one or more of these devices. People are buying Apple products because they know that Apple offers one of the best products in the market. Therefore, Apple faces the risk of losing share of the market in events of any problems. In the article “Apple's iPhones slowed to tackle ageing batteries,” Foxx (2017). The author discusses one of the major problem in Apple smart phones, and how this problem break trust between customers and Apple company. This paper examines the controversy surrounding iPhones, an assessment that rationalized Apple's reasons for slowing down the devices, and ends with consumer opinion. Many iPhones users complain that their devices are getting slow as it gets older in age. According to Apple The main reason of this problem is the lithium-ion batteries. The lithium-ion batteries lose the regular performance over the years because of the charging and discharging cycle Foxx (2017). the article “Yes, Apple is slowing your old …show more content…

Since Apple did not give clear explanation about the problem, it creates a lot of doubts between the customers about the reasons from slowing down the devices. Although Apple company is working hard to find solution, big number of customers, who are facing this problem, think that this step is one of the marketing steps which are going to increases the sales of new iPhone generation. It is true that Apple did not illustrate the problem in clear way, but the customers should know that Apple iPhones need maintenance like any other electronic tools. Also, replacing the batteries can be done in Apple store or any other electronic

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