Argumentative Essay On Climate Change

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We all know that some form of climate change is happening right this minute. Things are going to happen and are happening to make the Earth act this way. Here are some of the recent evidence that climate change is happening now. There are more CO2 in the air than there has been in a hundred million years. It takes up 81 percent of the United States greenhouse gases. There have been known droughts, which 12.2 percent of the United States is impacted by this. Sea level are rising from the glaciers and ice caps melting. The sea level rise is at a 3.4mm/year, if this keeps happening our land and the animals’ lands will be impacted. The temperatures are another evidence for recent climate change. The year 2016 was actually the hottest year to be recorded. With the bad heat comes the droughts I talked about earlier, also comes with bad weather. Typhoons, hurricanes, wildfires are some of the effects that the temperatures have on this planet. With the temperatures also comes with bad human health and it also make water and food less accessible. What can be done for recent climate change is that you could change out your light bulbs to more efficient ones but that will only reduce it to .2 of carbon emissions. Even just that little bit could help quite a bit. Thinking that driving an electric car will be more efficient and it won’t throw off carbon dioxide into the air. What if your electricity is running off of coal, then you might as well drive a hybrid instead.
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