Argumentative Essay On College Education

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Education plays a crucial role in our life. Education is a part of our life that we can 't ignore. To have a better future, every one of us desires the quality education that can give us a beautiful and happy life. As a part of this, we write competitive exams to pursue our favorite courses in our dream colleges. The ways to reach this objective may differ but there is one thing common for every aspirant. That thing is COLLEGE RANKINGS

No matter how diverse this situation is, there has been at least one instance where you check out the top colleges you can get into if you ace that particular exam. No one has ever skipped or ignored this part. Why? Because we aim for the elite in the pack, we dream of studying in the institution that represents that particular field. It also gives us higher chance to prove what we are and what we can do.

But, stop for a moment. Is it true?
● Top colleges according to university rankings are the only colleges that can make us better?
● Can we expect an excellent life from it every time?
Education is only meaningful if we study in one of these?
The answer to these questions is NO.

The explanation for this answer is not possible in a single line and it will be elaborated throughout this article as the College ranking system is complex and confusing at the same time.

Why Students consult College rankings?

Like already said, college rankings mean a lot to students. They decide what is best for them based on the rankings alone.

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