Argumentative Essay: Why Do People Need Automatic Weapons

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Did you know that the automatic rifle could give a man the firepower of a whole squad. As a matter of fact 12942 people were killed with rifles in 2015 alone. Automatic rifles are the guns the military use and can sometimes fall into the wrong hands. They are guns that can be held down for rapid fire, they essentially do give one person the firepower of a whole squad. These weapons cause more damage to society than any other weapon known to man.
Why is there so much resistance about the automatic weapons. These weapons cause so much damage so why is there so much resistance regarding the automatic rifles. “This kind of power gives psychopaths the fire power to murder masses and injure many more”(Niller,1).This shows that This could give many insane people the power to murder masses with ease in a short amount of time. Also …show more content…

This is also wrong, although it is good for military use the weapons don't always stay there sometimes weapons are smuggled and are put to use in an illegal fashion. "Guns like these are as much a part of the history of this country as the muskets carried by pioneers…”(Patterson, 1). This shows that the author believes these weapons should stay because they are a part of our history, such as the muskets and flintlocks the early settlers used. "I believe the foremost person responsible for protecting my family and myself is me…”(Patterson, 2). This shows that the author also believes that he could keep intruders away with a pair of Ar-15’s he has and that he has the right to keep them since he legally bought them and he needs to protect his family. For these reasons I think that the military style weapons should only be used in the military and in every weapon made there should be a tracker and when it is fired it tells the

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