Should Driver's License Be Illegal Immigrants Be Legal?

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The origins of the issue primarily derive from the fact that many of the basic things that these individuals do is outside the scope of legality. People believe that illegal immigrants are failing to “pay their fair share,” and as a result, public policy should take action against this unfairness. An example of this is simply getting a driver’s license. Obtaining a driver’s license as an illegal immigrant is presently against the law. The opposing side believes that if illegal immigrants are able to obtain a driver’s license, then they may submit fake documents and use aliases, which defeats the purpose of proper identification.
Opposition also states that once an illegal immigrant obtains a driver’s license, then they will have to obtain insurance, which many of them will not be able to get or upkeep due to their low income levels. Another concern is that due to these immigrants’ low income, the vehicles they pursue are likely going to be older and more likely to break down on the road and cause risks and dangers. Lastly, the opposing to this view point out that illegal immigrants are not very good at speaking English, which prevents them from being able to read road signs and alerts. What is helpful about this view is the idea of using aliases and fake documents, which can be a security issue. Some might realize that this has the …show more content…

This allows for a huge security concern. Immigrants will use aliases and provide improper documentation in order to obtain a driver’s license. These issues are serious and must be handled with care in order to protect the United States. That is why, as a whole, it is important that policies in the United States are created with the United States’ security as a primary concern, ensuring that those entering the nation will do so legally and within the social parameters of the

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