Athletic Training Essay

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Athletic Trainer From a sprained ankle on the soccer field to a stoved finger in a basketball game all injuries are important, no matter how big or small. There has to be someone to take care of the injured athletes. These people are known as athletic trainers. With only being one year away, it is important that I begin to make choices on what I want to do after I graduate high school. I have been organizing a serious amount of information on the certain career fields that I’m interested in. For every occupation something about the medical field has always intrigued me and that’s how I found athletic training. I love knowing that I will be the one to make a difference in an athlete 's life. I started my research with what classes I would need …show more content…

This makes an athletic trainer’s work hours irregular. According to the Campus Explorer website athletic trainer’s usually work longer hours because of practices, games, and competitions. They may have to go into the night, depending on what time everything ends, and weekends (“Athletic Trainers.”). One question I asked when interviewing Angela Snowberger was what the hours were like. If work in a high school, like I wish to, I might go in around 1:00pm and stay there until the last practice is over, which could be around 9:00pm (Snowberger). It all depends on how the schedules work out. They might even change in the middle of the week if something comes up with a coach. If they are not able to be there than the practice will either be moved or cancelled. There is no average day for an athletic trainer because it varies due to the hectic schedules (“Athletic Trainer: What They Do.”). In a workweek I may work usually 60-70 hours (“Athletic Trainers.”). To some the unappealing and late work hours are not people’s favorite, but to me it seems exciting and challenging. Not having a regular schedule every day is kind of nice so that it is not routine and an athletic trainer’s job is anything but that. On the other hand though, I enjoy knowing set times and having more regular hours. I would like to know when I would be going home at the end of the

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