Autistic Sixth Grader Essay

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This petition is for an autistic sixth grader. Let me pause. An autistic sixth grader!!!!!! The story goes as follows, an autistic sixth grader was spotted by a school resource officer kicking a trash can in frustration. And so filed him under a disorderly conduct charge in juvenile court. Not two weeks later, as class was finishing he was told to stay awhile after, but disobeyed. He was found by THIS SAME officer who grabbed Kayleb to take him to the principal’s office. As he tried to push away from the officer, he was slammed down and then handcuffed. Now he is facing a felony assault against a police officer and yet another disorderly conduct charge. Let me just take this moment to express how ridiculous this is. IT’S FREAKING RIDICULOUS!!! …show more content…

Being grabbed as an autistic kid sets off alarms, and he doesn’t see the intentions of the officer. At this point Kayleb is probably frightened out of his wits. Furthermore, if you know that he’s autistic you handle the situation differently. Like finding a teacher he trusts instead of using such aggressive means. He’s an ELEVEN year old with autism being thrown to the ground as if he’s a terrorist with a bomb. Taking another moment to express how ridiculous this is. I have three friends with autism. And yes I try to treat them as I would anyone else but I have to always remind myself there are things with them that ARE different. As someone pursuing a career in law enforcement I can’t help but hope that I don’t make such ridiculous decisions. Yes it’s a felony to harm an officer, but damn guy, don’t be such a girl about it. I’ve seen in many occasions where officers overreact and/or take advantage of their certain privileges. And maybe I’m not in the best position to make this accusation but I believe that this is an abuse of power. This ELEVEN year old boy shouldn’t have to live his life with a record just because this officer is sensitive as my

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